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A Miista visit

Before I left London I made sure I took the time for a little visit I had planned for weeks. I navigated myself to east London to visit the lovely Laura Villasenin, designer of Miista shoes. The hour I had planned for a quick sneak peak stretched in to a three hour long chatty catch-up session where I still feel some things had to be rushed through. Laura talked me through the whole process from inspiration to physically having the shoes now sitting on her table. Quickly it occurred to me that she is simply just one of those inspiring people who make their dreams happened instead of wishing for things to go her way.

So after a shoe filled afternoon and way too many photos for me to make any sense to this post I somewhat divided them in to seasonal sections. Above is the current collection, some you might even remember from my previous posts.

Below is the new spring collection. Laura tells me she wanted to take a new more colourful and playful approach, drawing inspiration from the Inca tribes and the wild west. I absolutely love the laser cut leather and lase-up heels. But but we have to wait until january......

The shoe below was the first Miista shoe I got familiar with through seeing them on Cocorosa last spring. Sadly the shoe is almost completely sold out as it is part of an older collection, so I beg Laura to reproduce the beautiful lace-ups, I am not the only one that thinks so right?!

Sneak peak for next Autumn's collection!

Thank you Laura for having me over!

Miista shoes are sold in UK at Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and in smaller boutiques like Postmistress in Covent Garden and Postmistress at Harvey Nichols.

and in US at places like Pixie Market, Shopbop, Free People, Anthropologie and Solestruck.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!