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Illustrated curiosity

h&m scarf as top
old asos belt
zara skirt

photos by my mother

In the middle of my chaotic move I wanted to calm down for a bit and remember the peaceful summer evenings.. these pictures are taken by my mother who has been photographing all her life, mostly horses.. these young mares live among many other horses on our farm in finland, I guess I forgot to tell you that we have a few.. and that I grew up among them

On the move

Packing packing and more packing... tomorrow the movers will come and I still have ALOT to box.. A few quick shots from the mess.. (It might be time to confess my obsession with..... dinosaurs) also check out my new amazingggggg boots... these darlings are from river island! I can not wait to start decorating the new flat, I promise to do a proper post on it when it's done! but now I need some interior inspiration... any pics/ideas/blogs...? please tell meee!

love you all


Graphic organizers

h&m jacket and pants
elizabeth and james top
miu miu heels

Hi you all! stiiillll some images from finland, but we are already getting in to the colder weather spirit right? I'll try to post some london pictures over the weekend. Atm. I am busy moving and trying to pack.. but it's super exciting! I am moving in to a new flat here in london! now everything is a mess and I need to buy more important stuff and less shoes.. hehe.. we'll see..

as for what I am wearing, I think h&m did a great job on the printed pieces that you surely have seem on.. erhm, everyone.


Finnish summer album

photos by me and stefanie

Pictures from my finnish summer! warm summer nights and more desserts than actual food.. FYI the last pic (and the one after my miu miu clogs) is taken at 1.30 am in july! it does not get darker than that.. epic. Hope you all had a awesome summer, now let's welcome fall.


Wooden wall

zara silk jumpsuit
miu miu clogs

pictures by stefanie

I am cleaning my computer from the 13 000+ photos I have in my photo libary.... and found these! they where taken at our summer house in front of some firewood that my dad prowdly chucked and neatly stacked..

We share our mothers health

on me:
elizabeth and james dress as top
stylein draped shirt
lucyd acyd tights
wang shoes
on steffi:
h&m shirt
vagabond shoes

I am in the middle of packing stuffing all my stuff in a bag.. yess, it's time for me to go back to london. I'm gonna post next a little album of summer shots from finland.. then it's time to go back to the city-life..

but before that I had to share these with you.. me and my sister, who I am gonna miss dearly when I leave finland.. her lion mane is ridic- it's never colored, never treated. Steffi and I have been together almost every day this summer and she's been my number one photographer. Love you and see you soon, sis

and thank you lucyd acyd for gifting me with these awesome tights..


On the streets

Mixed awesomeness from the streets of stockholm..

- pretty girl from the hope show
- saying hi to carolina, rumi, bryanboy and ida!
- me and elin kling ( I love this girl)
- stockholm streetstyle
- perfect outfit by josefin
- cool people
- meeting with the bloglovin team, and feeling short next to the tall and pretty carolina