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old zara jacket
hm top
gina tricot jeans
g-star belt
rayban sunnies
opening ceremony boots

picture by stefanie

What I wore last night.. isn't it wonderful how it's almost too hot to wear a jacket even at night here in helsinki..? love it


Stripes are not allowed on tv, but luckily on radio it's ok

zara dress
lindex cuffs
rayban sunnies
acne boots

photos by stefanie

A cute sale find to almost transfer me to a goody goody girl... I am having too much fun to spend time in front of the computer! Today I spent the day styling one of radio x3m's brilliant rock voices, check out the whole story HERE.


On air

alexander wang jacket
zara shirt
diy jeans
zara bag
ray-ban sunglasses
alexander wang shoes

Hey everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend? I apologize for the small (but needed) break.. anyway I am back again now!

And guess what? around 3 pm (finnish time) today I will be in the studio on radio X3M!

so if you feel like listening to me in swedish tune in to 98.9 or listen to it live HERE



mango dress
vintage waistcoat
sportsgirl ring

Some field shots from yesterday.. now I am off to the seaside to celebrate mid-summer...

take care of yourselves, my amazing readers!


Two seconds to breathe

Hiii from finland!! I made it here early this morning.... came home and sat down on our front yard, to chill for a minute. Now just planning to soak up every sunny second, as long as the weather allows. Today we are going out in with my sisters... I've missed these moments!

many sunny pics to come...



Carrying one of the beautiful bags that I got from morocco... although I have not worn it on the blog before, it's been a favorite for the past few months. Utterly adore the stamped print, colour, design..  well everything, the rings are also moroccan finds reminding me what a shopping paradise it was for me. Longing back.. I might have to dig out the last remaining photos from there that I never got around posting...

Anyway enough about the past, I am so excited to have yet another term in uni done!! A much needed mini vacation back to Finland over the next weeks could not come a day too early, and just in time for our annual midsummer party... Finns you know what I'm referring to.


City cowgirl

camden hat
zara top
martin margiela bracelet
DIY belt
acne trousers
chloe sevigny x opening ceremony boots

Got a few reminders from the ever so subtle construction workers here in london that it's been a while since I wore a hat! and yes that would be a cowboy hat and I guess that did make me a cowgirl for the day..

For a belt I wore a few strings of leather that were left over from a uni project, works quite well together as a belt right...? maybe I shoud try braiding them next time

as for the boots, I have been wearing them everyday since purchase, and they are hands down my new favorites... so I definitely recommend them, and a little tip that I think they run a bit on the large side....


My camera bag

zara wrap skirt
vintage leather jacket
chloe sevigny x opening ceremony boots

Say hi to my camera bag, that my friend Andy from stylescrapbook designed for kipling! I never really found a bag for my camera that I particularly liked, and this one could not be more perfect... The first edition sold out in less than a day, but don't worry I hear there is a summer collection out soon!

stay updated with Andy if you want one as well..


Giving in to my pretending

alexander wang jacket
acne knit
vintage leather shorts
alexander wang shoes
moroccan rings

I took my new finds out for the day as soon as I made it home to change... I did try to be rational and was on the fence about getting the wang jacket as I kept thinking it might serve the same purpose as THIS similar waistcoat.. but came to the not so surprising conclusion that it is a necessary ad to my closet and totally different from anything I already have.. just like all my 10000 pairs of black high heeled ankle boots are completely different from each other.......


Female hormones run wild as we get ready to face THAT time of the season

And I am obviously talking about the sales! the wonderful time when everything on your wish list drops to -60 % overnight and somehow giant orange posters make it almost ok to spend your rent on shoes instead...

I scored a beautiful waistcoatshirtthing by alexander wang and a simple white acne knit that I could not resist... Wang patent booties and those lovely chloe sevigny for opening ceremony lace-ups. All almost already worn in, and on it’s way in the next post..

make sure you check out these 10 rules for sale shopping haha..


Recent features

I had the privilege of being featured in some Asian magazines recently! Korean Vogue girl and Nylon Japan to be exact... The Vogue girl story featured a few bloggers and our favorite vintage items. I chose my vintage satchel that I ended up photographing in my kitchen... a selection of some of my favorite old jewellery including a feather bangle, that was a last summer find from Nice. A photo that did not make it to the mag was my kimonos that I expressed my love for before.. photographed next to my shoe wall.

So Hi if there are any new readers out there, and a big thank you to Nylon and Vogue girl for the features!



zara shirt
vintage skirt
barbara bui boots
moroccan bag
fashionology ring

Today I wore something a bit different... something that made me act very girly all day, but I got to wear my new skirt that was yet another vintage find from the back racks at a covent garden vintage store, absolutely in love with the mint green color and the fact that it went surprisingly well with this old shirt I think I never wore before...


Clean summer favorites

Feeling a bit uninspired to get dressed at the moment.. so I turned to for some of my favorite looks for summer.. the list could have gone on forever, but I narrowed it down to some michael kors, alexander wang, acne, jil sander, celine, doo ri, margiela and rodarte.


Back on track

Heyy sorry for the long blog break, but I've now handed my uni project, so time to get back to blogging again! I still need to spend the whole july in school but a little pre vacation is more than needed...

these shots are a bit of a preview of what I have been working on these last couple of months..

EDIT: I am sorry to hear these pictures are upsetting to some, I certainly did not attend it that way! My whole project was a dedication to the Native American culture as it is something I find fascinating, it was a leading part of the inspiration behind my collection.

Sometimes I choose to wear somewhat controversial things, it is a big part of what keeps me excited about fashion, never should this be seen as an attack against specific people/cultures more like the opposite - as a tribute to them, I hope you can understand


First week of summer

alexander wang top
hm against aids vest
cos pants
zara heels
monki sunglasses

Spending my first official summer days inside trying to finish uni projects.... graduation is not too far away, hence my slow posting... here is what I wore yesterday. I'm loving these draped pants from cos.. depending on the wind they kinda change from classy to trashy, just enough to remind us that it's finally summer!!

Now I'm off to shoot my new collection lookbook, an exciting project that might turn out beneficial for you all in the near future... can't wait to tell you more about it soon!