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My Diesel x Grazia shoot

So here it is! My shoot I did with Diesel for Grazia, that's out in this weeks issue. It was such a great experience working with the whole team, I truly enjoyed the day as I was given free hands on the styling and overall look.

What do you guys think? my favorite photo is the first one, funny enough that is was a test shot and first photo of the day. Luck....? No, good teamwork.

Thanks goes to the whole Diesel and Grazia team, it was a pleasure working with you all!


The brand new Diesel

With a brand new design team lead by Finnish Heikki Salonen, Diesel is doing an amazing job revamping not just the designs but whole image. I took part in a little challenge to style my favorite Diesel looks, see the outcome in a whopping three page spread in tomorrows Grazia magazine!


The attraction of the ugliness

zara shirt
american apparel knit
A bit of a continuation from yesterdays post.. although I'm in total basics, reeeeally excited about the shoes. They simply are the solution to wearing a manly brogue without wearing flats. I've only seen acne and simone rocha do it right. When these first came out I said it's one of the ugliest shoes I've seen in a long time. I guess there is always the attraction in the things you can not get or the ones you publicly state that you hate. Me and my fugly shoes are now very happy together.

The gentlewoman

 h&m coat
american apparel knit
zara shirt

Worn today for lunch in soho. I'm in brand new shoes again, but don't jugde me, it's sale season.

I am going to bomard you with detail photos later, but for now.. nighty night my sweets (meaning my shoes and my darling readers)


Spring at Kurt Geiger

During the week I skipped class to see the new spring collection by Kurt Geiger. Since the launch of their accessory line, I've been quite mesmerized by their designs..

The new collection was beautifully bright and surprisingly ladylike. The mix of sorbet hues and retro prints made me crave beach weather, sun and candy.. seeing the brand new sunglass collection and knowing a bikini will also be part of the collection did not make it any easier for me. But overall the visit did make me smile, I kinda know what I want to look like next spring. I was especially taken by the neon mary janes, baby blue shades and caged cut-out booties, but knowing me this list will still change many times. Luckily there is still time.



Hope all my American readers had a nice thanksgiving! I celebrated with some friends by eating a huge home cooked meal, 20 hours later I can still feel it. But today I have the day off, and I'm going to try to be useful by sorting through forgotten photos and finalize a few posts that I have been pushing off..

Last weekend my sister visited me here in london, I thought it was quite cool how she wore her sport top under this sheer topshop knit.


A little love for Moxham

moxham 'taba' cuffs

Meet Moxham. An ΓΌber-cool new accessory brand by london based Madeleine Moxham. I promised myself to try some new brands this fall, and I can luckily say that it has been paying off. So much that I can swear on these being my new favorites. But wait there is more... the collection also includes some of the best chokers, necklaces and harnesses I've even seen. I already have the 'anubis' necklace just waiting to make a proper debut..

Check out the brand new website here, I belive the store will be up any time soon!


A casual take on a psychedelic print

zara coat
hm x versace knit
gina tricot jeans
benetton beanie
laurence dacade boots

I warned you the bag might be popping up in a few future outfit posts, so here it is in action. I wore it with some of my basics and the versace x hm jumper I found at the men's department. The fact that I was a little late on the launch and only found the cardi in a large size, proved to be the reason why I liked it so much. I did also buy the palm printed one but this will pass as a somewhat normal garment and I can see myself wearing it more than twice. It's around the time of the year when a beanie is starting to become acceptable, for me it's a nice alternative to those baseball caps I've been wearing more than a lot..


The perfect slouchy bag. Prepare to see it a lot in the future.. it's been hanging on my shoulder everyday since I got it. Plus some adorable dalmatian print cases to keep me organized. Since I don't have an ipad, yet, I have been wearing it as a clutch. Works equally well.


New dinas

A few weeks ago I visited the Miista studio in east London! More on that and about designer, Laura Villasenin future plans, coming up soon!

But for now say hi to my new dina boots, do I even need to state how comfortable they are?


Raising the bar

Thanks to what I today have the privilege to call my job, I go through a lot of shoes. I'm always equally kind to them all, I keep them in the box, wrapped in tissue paper for a few days while they decorate my messy desk. But then one day, I came across Mark Charles. After a lot of shoe admiring and a brief meeting with the man himself, the idea behind the brand became quite clear to me after he said something in the following way: ''When I saw girls waking home bare feet after a night out, carrying their shoes, I just really wanted to do something about it''. So was born his way of not just designing, but way of delivering shoes that serve their primal purpose. I'm talking extra cushioned soles, tailored tight fit, limited to only 500 pairs pair style. The shoes all come in a white wooden box with replaceable heels tips and a little care kit. This all resulting in me thinking.. I'm not sure how serious I can take shoes that come box-less anymore...

weekday coat
alexander wang shirt dress
h&m turtleneck

I took the black 'Afina' and beige 'Camy' out for a walk the other day, and at the moment the black beauties are sitting on my shoe shelf. Gorgeous they are both, but you know I always feel a bit biased towards black shoes... I wore them with a pencil skirt, I think we are in the last of days when it comes to the weather. And wang shirt, that with it's cool lenght continues to serve me as a true soldier.

Rebel renell

isabel marant renell jeans

It's been a long time since I felt this serious acquisition syndrome towards jeans... or I don't know if that's ever happened? it's always shoes that get the most excited. But god these are good, so perfect in both colours. If.. and only if I did go for it, which colour should I choose?

The cropped cut

bruno pieters x weekday knit
weekday coat
vintage belt

If you have been looking closely, you might have noticed me wearing pieces from the bruno pieters collaboration with weekday quite frequently. One of those rare high-street collaborations that just work. Simple garments with extraordinary cuts and details, sometimes it's about stripping it down rather than the opposite. Speaking of which, what were your thoughts on the versace x hm collection? I have to say it was a little bit too much for me... but I did however like the oriental flower print, and some of the stuff from the men's collection, I'll try to post some of my closet newbies over the next few days.

Anyway back to the knit.. I have been wearing variations of the crop top with high-waisted jeans more that I've had time to photograph. Last few weeks I have been especially fond of the combo paired with this beautiful pastel kimono to break up the black every once in a while... maybe the light blue does not have to be as seasonal as I originally thought.


My sweet clementine

h&m divided knit
h&m trend leather skirt
ebay cap

Ahh my shoes. I actually kissed them when I slowly lifted them out from the box on my birthday a few weeks back. My modest wish list proved itself useful after all.

As for the rest of my outfit.. I am wearing a lovely fluffy knit that I stumbled across in the divided department of h&m. Such a nice surprise, how great is the combination of fluff and dip dye? I'm having a hard time convincing people that it was a 20 something pound find.

The high-slit, leather skirt is another winning story and I think I might not be the only one that has been keeping an eye out for this one. First spotted over at Caroline's blog, whereafter I annoyed the h&m staff everyday until it finally came in this week. It was worth it.


The sleeker version

I like caps at the moment, I think you have noticed that... but then I ran in to a leather version, how could I resist. Via ebay

Retro playboy girl

playboy shirt
vintage jeans
h&m waistcoat
jil sander bag
alpha saphir watch
zara shoes

photos by stefanie

I would usually stay away from anything with the playboy logo, if you know me at all, you would agree. But when I found this retro tee in my sister's closet, I could not resist pairing it with my oldest, patched jeans. I added my nineties pumps and the plastic jil sander tote that I've been using a lot more than what actually proved on the blog. All together, quite casually nice.

Gareth Pugh x Melissa

Last friday night I stopped by the ever inspiring store Layers for the launch of the Gareth Pugh + Melissa collaboration. I spent a few hours jamming to some retro tunes with Charlie, while battling the temptation of acquiring a pair from the new collection. Don't get me wrong, I think the structured plastic sandals were cool as hell, but you know I don't really ever wear flats. Luckily things fell in to places quite quickly when I realized the shoes are all deliberately bubblegum scented, making them quite the impressive air refresher. It's like they knew I was going to need that little extra something to win me over.

I wore a diesel blouse, bruno pieters x weekday skirt, self customized AA clutch, fashionology ring and alpha saphir watch.

and may I ad that I am still as amazed by Charlie's Dominic Jones beetle ring as I've ever been.