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Acne amon

acne shirt
zara pants
american apparel nail polish

Hi from Hamburg, I am spending the weekend in this urban town. I (among others) fell in love with this silky acne shirt.. the cut and style is genious. I will wear it gently, I promise.

It took me a while to find the perfect white nail polish but I now swear by the american apparel one. They have 3 different shades of white. I bough them all, cos sometimes I want to be cream and sometimes I need dusty white. Today I wore the cotton one.

KNEON magazine

HI everyone! thanks again for the sweet comments! I might have to do a hair tutorial of the bun at some stage...

but to the point.. I was featured in KNEON magazine, you can read the interview and whole issue here
thanks kneon!

I do, without a doubt

asos black dress
zara clutch
miu miu shoes
chanel tattoos
ysl rings

Pictures from my cousins wedding that took place on a cold day in may. It was pouring down for most of the night, but I doubt that the happy couple even noticed. They cried, I cried, everyone cried, but it was happy tears. An overall beautiful ceremony, day and party.

I got to wear my asos dress from the black collection paired with chanel tattoos and miu miu heels. It all turned out a bit dramatic, but dramatic in a good way.

Every other summer saturday

vintage coat
golden pony knit dress
acne wedges
golden pony bracelet
lapponia silver ring
other vintage + mixed jewellery

pictures by my sister stefanie

Every other summer saturday, that's how often the train stops here. This should be informative enough to describe the pace of living in this part of Finland..

we had one cold day, and then it was back to tropical heat. I of course was estatic as I got to pretend it was autumn and finally a chance play with my new shoes! aaaaaaahhhhh I am in love. Their comfyness is a plus (not that it makes a difference, I haven't felt my feet in years)

the knit dress is my new fave (thank you golden pony) and the cashmere coat cost me 4 euros and 70 cents at a flea market. So now that all the new fall stuff is hitting the stores I need to put my credit cards somewhere unreachable, I am thinking freezing them in a huge ice cube à la confessions of a shopaholic.. BUT when you already know all your codes and card numbers by memory.. THAT IS WHEN YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

have a nice week everyone


Le Château de Nice

h&m maxi dress
chanel sunnies

Last pictures from Nice... I really wanted to show you this beautiful cementery located on top of the town. It's breathtaking, you can see the whole city from up here!

Today I finally get to spend some time with my sister, maybe we'll have time to take some pictures as well..


Don't tell my daddy..

.. that I just lost it and finally bought these acne boots... I tried them on 3 times before, so today I was walking around town slightly 'tired' from last nights crayfish party and I needed a little pick-me-up. Well I am quite picked-up now.. and will remain for a while......


Ooooh look what I got! these are by Avi Jacob, see more of his work in his blog, Thank you so much Avi, I am honored!

ps. he also mentioned that he takes requests if anyone is interested!

a huge thank you to everyone that took part and for the sweet comments!! more giveaways to come for sure!


Where the streets have no name

american apparel hat
shirt from local store
bag from ethic shop
ring from market
zara heels

Just arrived home to a beautiful finnish summer evening.. still have a few photos from Nice, hope you are not totally bored just yet.. 

this was from yesterday afternoon, I am wearing a mens shirt I found in a local little store in the charming old town. But I am most excited about the bag! I have been picturing something like this for a while and finally I stumbled across this one in the most perfect ethic print. I came with questionable pompom handles but I cut them of so now I have a new favorite clutch, huge and slouchy.

also don't froget to take part in my giveaway ending tonight!


Cours saleya

wearing h&m ruffle dress

Last days in Nice, nooo... it has been amazing here, Cours saleya is the local market where they sell everything from flowers to jewellery... depending on the day, but monday morning was for vintage clothes and accessories, how perfect. It was really heartwarming to see the old french lady's hosting their own tables, selling their beloved designer possessions.. it felt like they really cared where their treasures ended up, so it was more like adopting than buying. Every piece came with a story told in french that I tried my best to understand, I am surprised that I am still able to communicate in their language, with my rusty basic skills from school (also speaking english with a french accent made me feel like I was fully in on the convo...)

sadly there was too much I could not take home with me.. but some of the stuff I bought is in the last pic.. the feather bangle from the 1960's might have been the best find so far, have been using it on my upper arm non stop..

update (and to calm down my dad): I did not get the Hermes bag, it was 2200€..


Riviera beach

h&m fashion against aids dress
vintage & mixed jewellery
h&m head scarf

Finally some pics from the beach here in Nice that has pebbles instead of sand. I have been dying to wear this dress and yesterday I decided to go for it, even if it was way to hot. It felt more like a wedding dress than a summer dress.. in the end I could not resist getting in the water, where I stayed the rest of the day. Today same routine, maybe I'll squeeze in some late afternoon shopping.

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