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Too cold for comfort

vintage waist coat
asos snood
margiela shirt
topshop dress
lapponia ring
asos boots

Hey.. and sorry for being away for a while.. I'm back from my 2 day getaway that I really did not have time for.. resulting in now being totally stuck, forcing my self to finish uni projects before next weeks deadline..

anyway finland was awesome and freezing, the days totally flew by.. I'll get to go back in a few weeks, but before that I get to enjoy the first snow in london and a good portion of xmas hypeing.

Princess dress up games à la lanvin

hm x lanvin dress
new looks shoes

Dress up games made easy by this beautiful lanvin x h&m dress.. not the kind of dress that I'll wear every saturday but that's not what I base my shopping on anyways - never have, never will. This red one will be perfect for the holiday season where overdressing is totally accepted - if not sometimes mandatory.

now I'm off to my cousins engagement party, where the dress code was 'something red'.... I guess I took that advise quite literally.


Shiny new things

topshop poncho
hm silver knit
topshop pants
zara bag
pamela love claw

Hey! and good morning from the airport.. I am having my morning coffee on a unusually quiet airport and had a few extra minutes to sit down.. I guess it's been a while since I traveled this early in the morning. I was up all night trying to pack but did all other things instead.. I never manage to sleep before I fly.. luckily I realised last minute that packing was easier than normal when all I really need for a weekend in finland would be my lanvin x hm dress that took all the place in the suitcase, still really love it and can't wait to snap a few photos for you... more on that later, here are some of my new things..

have a great weekend everyone and happy thanksgiving to the ones that get to celebrate it... x

More from asos

More asos pieces for the 'future stylist competition' I mentioned below.. these shoes are really cool and my new favorites! tomorrow the entries will go up on asos facebook site, can't wait to see all the outfits...

also, check out my margiela paper shoes that got featured on jak&jil!


Asos future stylist competition

photos by tasha

Hi all, I have exciting news! I was asked by asos to take part in a styling competition that involved me styling up looks to specific themes, using their pieces. On friday the looks will go up on asos facebook page where you can vote for your favorite.. don't forget to check it out!

I'll post my submission photos here later this week, here are a taste of the 'shoot' with the given theme ''christmas party look that steels the show''


Shop open

Hii! I finally got around opening the shop! above some of the items I'm selling! check the 'how to shop' instructions on the right side, all items listed are available.. I will be adding lots more within the next days..


Apple trees and berry bushes

zara knit
zara skirt
acne shoes
american apparel hat
acne boots

photos by stefanie

Current best thing for cold day survival would have to be the combination of big knits and maxi skirts.. probably because you can wear half of your wardrobe underneath.. awesome, cosy and cute as long as you are outside.. not so cute when you find yourself sweating and rearranging the layers as soon as you step inside. 

naah I should stop pretending that I am not looking forward to the crispy cold days.. I can't wait to take out my hairy snow boots... I take it that chanel totally city-approved the yeti look right? Karl - the grandmas in finland applaud you.

It's too cold for these shoes

I hear there is already snow in finland.. I might book a last minute get away for next week.. which kind of means I should dedicate the weekend for catching up on uni work.. well we'll see.

have a nice weekend everyone


Quite possibly the dress of the season

Pressday ss11 favorite by marios schwab

Rusty red

zara scarf
vtg satchel
erin wasson low luv rings on left

pics by tasha

Cold fall days call for layered knits and colors to match all the changes...

maybe also a new love... right now it is the spearhead ring.. sigh.


Shredded & painted

topshop pants
painted aa bag
second hand belt
aqua back-less blazer
zara shoes
lapponia and fashionology rings

I stumbled across a beautiful church after my lee klabin showroom visit a few weeks back.. the amazing t-shirt dress I'm wearing is another creation of carla from rouge et noir, similar to the one I wore here. But this one is longer, maybe even better.. either way a great add to my winter closet.

I have also utterly fallen in love with my halloween project, that would be the originally black clutch I painted white. My plan is working just the way I planned.. the paint is starting to crack and the soft leather is strating to resemble the look of old furniture.. and sence I'm always hunting those distressed, worn down interiors to my home, I wish creating the 'old' effect would be as easy as this 10 min. project...

I got a bit over excited about the idea and am working on another similar thing.. more on that later!


T by alexander wang ss11

It's as far from spring as it could be.. I don't even want it to spring yet, but it's never to early to start planning..

At the Lee Klabin showroom

I had the pleasure of being invited to the Lee Klabin showroom! during fashion week I was caught up running around and I knew I wanted this visit to last longer than a quarter. So when I finally got the chance to view the collection, I was impressed with not only the story and inspiration behind the designs but with the soft stripped feminine approach and theme connecting every single piece from leather to sheer silk. I also had the privilege of playing dress up at the roomy brick wall surrounded showroom, where I tried on a few pieces that I would rather have left on than neatly placed back on a hanger... The spring/summer collection that I got a glimpse of reviled the usually hidden seams and details, that underpinned the whole concept of what Lee Klabin stands for.. feminine, simplified structure. Maybe we'll call it the new minimalism or rather minimalism 6.0.

Thank you for having me..