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Next year

Happy new year to all of you lovely readers! You have been amazingly encouraging, and inspiring every single day. I wish you all a successful 2011!

Simple sleek cuts

lindex kimono
gina tricot top
zara shoes
fashionology knuckle ring
asos swarovski ring

Wore my new ewa larsson for lindex kimono for dinner out tonight! This was swedish designer larssons second collection for lindex. The fact that she works for acne explains why she always manages to get it so right - and why I own almost every single piece.

don't forget to take part in my xmas giveaway!


Dangerous finds

If you know me well enough, you know I like my jewellery creepy, a bit threatening and borderline legal... These new awesome jewellery findings fall right in to that category! I managed to find a snake spine necklace & bracelet and a huge tooth pendant!!

I still have a week left here in thailand! I hope you have some cool plans for new years eve, I will be celebrating on the beach all night.. tomorrow we are going to try deep sea fishing... I really want to get face to face with some huge sharks!! (preferably megalodons) can't wait.


Arriving to krabi

Hi from krabi! we arrived early today morning and got to enjoy the whole day of sun and a bit of shopping.. feels unreal to finally be here! more pictures to follow, now I am off to bed!


So long cruel coldness

Hope you are enjoying your holidays! I am escaping what feels like siberia, writing from the airport... on my way to thailand!! I went out last night for our traditional after-xmas party and came home in the morning just to change clothes... at least I’ll be able to sleep on the plane. I tried to take some wintery pictures in the snow, but the camera stopped working. Can't blame it.. it was -28 degrees.

I will keep you posted with pictures from sunny thailand!


Merry christmas + giveaway

Merry Christmas my darlings! I wish you all a happy, joyful evening..

As a little xmas present, I am hosting a giveaway with chains of love, and giving away a very unique arm bracelet, the draped silver chains are attached to a eleastic band to hold it to place. and can be worn many different ways...



Red leather & broken bricks

h&m leather pants
old h&m top
miu miu shoes and spants

photos by stefanie

Pictures from my flat in london, a few days back.. h&m finally got the much anticipated red ankle zipper leather pants in! a definitive favorite for spring, but for now they might have to wait for warmer weather... I found the miu miu shoes (worn under the spats) second hand for a ridic price... and even if they are a few sizes too big I could not leave them on the shelf...

Tomorrow is chistmas eve, and time for a little giveaway..

until then xxx

Urban outfitters ss11

Just a quick hi, to let you know that I finally made it home to finland from london.. after 4 days of cancelled flights I'm pretty beat but happy to be home for xmas... I know the airlines are doing all they can to get everyone on a flight.. but I am really surprised how bad heathrow handled the situation of a few centimeters of snow! On day 3 they decided to stop letting people in to the airport itself, with thousands of families queuing up with blankets and mattresses, to just get into just the building! My love goes out to everyone still stuck, I was the fortunate one..

Anyway, back to the post.. whilst I am trying to balance last minute xmas arrangements with staying in bed to cure my awful cold, I wanted to share my favorite picks from the urban outfitters press day! I am all over the jewellery and will for sure be the first one to pick up that spike ring with matching bracelet..

Stay warm everyone! I am planning a giveaway before xmas so check back soon...


Stuck on standby

topshop boutique jacket
old zara scarf
topshop pants

pictures by stefanie

Playing with my iphone hipstamatic app... our flight has now been cancelled 3 times and it's not funny anymore. Chaos everywhere and my flu is worse than ever... sorry about the nagging.. but if I don't get home soon, christmas is cancelled.


Feather braid

gina tricot check shirts
vintage waistcoat
topshop pants
acne boots
h&m scarf
pamela love & fashionology jewellery

photos by stefanie

Hi you all! hope you are well... I am stuck in london, my flight was cancelled because of the snow.. every year there will be a little bit of snow, and every time people are just as surprised and unprepared.. jeez..

anyway these are some pre snowfall photos.. I just had to wear the acne boots one black and one green.. haha something I have been wanting to try for a long time! I am also excited that I finally got this little feather braid done, apparently you can wash your hair normally and all... to get it out will eventually be another story, but for now I totally love it!

also I want to thank leandra aka. man repeller for the hilare feature! if you are not familiar with the man repeller, it is about time you get addicted! I sometimes mentioned clothes that women love - boys hate and that pretty much defines what man repeller is all about!