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My hair routine

My daily hair routine is surprisingly easy.. I've never really had the patience or interest to spend too much time on it, as I tend to want to keep it mostly natural. I've inherited the thick locks from my father.. don't get me wrong he's hair is about an inch long but has no signs of baldness. So no extensions needed and I am forever grateful.

I've had everything from black hair to short hair but during the past 5 years I've been adding highlights to work towards restoring the original blond shade, while keeping the lenght.. in fact I think a dreaded touch-up might be in order again..

I wash my hair about 3 times a week with John Frieda curly shampoo and conditioner, even if I don't have super curly hair, it enhances and defines the waves.. I do this at night and them I go to bed with wet hair...

In the morning I look like a troll but I'm mostly fine with that. To get shine and definition I use this Dreamcoat spay that's actually made for horses... (yess really) works wonders and as a tangle teezer, but unless you want to be moonwalking for the next 3 months, apply it over a bathtub or outside because it makes your floor very slippery!

To get more definition to the curls I occasionally spay my dry hair with a mix for water and sea salt.

But now let's introduce the dry shampoo. If you are not using it yet, this product will change your life. I use Batiste, they sell it at drugstores in a million different colours and fragrances. I go through about a bottle a week and it could not be better value for money, as it only costs a few pounds! I use it every single day in the roots of my hair, it gives a newly washed look and a matte finish. I love this stuff!!!!

So there you have it, I aim for the most natural look and sometimes it even means using products made for animals, but what could be more natural than that.

Hope you liked it! If there is something hair realted you would like to ask.. you can do it on twitter.


A little piece of winter

lindex poncho
american apparel shirt
zara bag

photos by stefanie
This poncho scarf was a gift from when I went to see lindex's new campaign launch a few weeks ago.. I now realize how optimistically I packed only summer clothes to finland, so this little piece of winter came quite handy... It's that lovely time of year when shorts worn with a thick knit, or a long fur paired with open toe sandals totally makes sense.


Chasing dasies

isabel marant top
gina tricot jeans
asos boots

photos by stefanie

Another sunny day, or for me another great day to wear a beautiful kimono. I nowadays tend to say that I collect kimonos.. it justifies me to keep adding them to my collection, insted of being embarrassed for owning one in every colour... This one is from the 'chasing dasies' collection from Arnhem and the newest addition to my fall wardrobe.

Matte grip

Might just be the sexiest pair I've worn.. I'm in total ooze over the matte black leather that looks almost like rubber, or those matte finish cars with obnoxious drives. Anyway, I'm now more than ever in love with everything Kurt Geiger.


One cut tee

zara top and bag
ray ban sunnies

I've been wearing this top quite a lot, somewhat of a perfect fall tee. Best 39 pounds I've spent in a while.. digging the way it's cut, I guess that's what makes it a bit more special then what you usually come across on the high street.



Today I wore my new asos shoes! a 5 inch representation of what I want to look like this fall. I love the sophisticated approach of a two tone leather mix and neat golden buckle.. paired with the brutally offensive platform. I'm thinking, with a dress or jeans... yess please.

Green day dress

tom ford sunnies via my-wardrobe 
gina tricot top
topshop skirt

photos by tasha

On another day in france, I wore a plain tee and beautifully bright maxi.. super simple i know, but I've decided to leave the complicated dressing and accessory matching for fall.


In scuba

 lisa marie fernandez dress
miu miu heels

pics by tasha

Just arrived home from a super fun and semi scandalous weekend in carcasonne, where we flew to celebrate a friends birthday... I left my computer home on purpose but took a lot of photos which some might qualify to be posted.

for the friday night pool party I wore a scuba dress by lisa marie fernandez, with my hair messy of course but I thought pool party would be the night to get away with that.

In between seasons

gina tricot jeans
forever 21 scarf
g-star belt
zara bag and boots

photos by stefanie

I wore a selection of my current in-between season favorites the other day, instead of deciding what I want to look like this fall... but the small taste of autumn in the form of a puddle on the sidewalk turned out more interesting. I still want to think it's summer but the chilly nights have proven my wrong.. I'm now back in london but only for a few days, I'll be chasing the remains of summer by traveling a bit before settling back for fashion week and real life soon.

but before I have to express my love for this practical thing that has been hanging on me either as a dress or what I find almost ever better, a shirt. Need to take a few shots of it as a actual dress so you see what I mean. Simplicity for the win.. but although fall is the season where I usually love going back to all black, I'm thinking about introducing some mustardy yellow, and shades of purple in to my autumn wardrobe.. we'll see


Flowy feelings

Flow festival in helsinki 12-14-8.2011

Black out

alexander wang shoes

I wore another genius aqua dress out on friday.. although I always plan to photograph my night time outfits before leaving the house, it tends to never happen.. either it's pitch black outside or I'm running an hour and something late, mostly the second option.. or maybe actually always. 

So this time I opted for aqua, which I often rely on when going out. This seasons collection is super, again. I wore it with a new choker, simple and simply gorgeous...  I think the unplanned mismatch with the golden clutch buckle was kinda nice.

Diy dries hair

Finally a little diy that I have been planning... I've tried two different versions but I guess it can be done many ways.. the diy side of my brain started running wild when I saw this last spring, thinking how I could recreate the simple look of a metal hair ring... after a few days it finally occurred to me to use napkin rings! I did some shopping at the kitchen department and found surprisingly many rings and gadgets to pass as hair accessories..

1. I straightened my hair in the morning and left it for a day to not have it too sleek. Then without brushing I pulled my hair to the side and twisted it to get the ring all the way up.

2. I used a tube formed cast, meant for baking.. by pulling my hair tight while twisting, I pushed the tube up

3. Then I adjusted the height, leaving it semi loose. My hair is thick enough to keep the tube put but it can also be done with first tying a thin hairband around your hair, then pulling the tube ontop of it

4. done!

I also had to try a more sleek version, as I came across this silver ring that is used around wine bottles to prevent the drops from running drown the bottle neck.. the padding on the inside is great to not cause damage to you precious locks.

1. tie your hair first, then like before work the ring up by twisting your hair and adjust to wanted height

2. wear it either as a high ponytail or more casually loose.

I bought some thinner napkin rings to maybe try stacking a few... some have an opeing which would be even easier, and then of course there's a million different kinds to choose from including some in forms of ducks..... but I'll leave that to the man repeller to cover.


photos by stefanie
I finally got a change to wear this beautiful aqua dress that's been hanging in my closet for a while.. I first thought I might be to short for it, but it kinda works to my advantage. Before I can make it part of my everyday wardrobe I need to shorten it a bit... ehrm that would be a whole stripe or so........

oh and do you love what I did with my hair? a diy coming up next!