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Thailand, krabi album

and lastly something hilarious..

So as promised the last photos of my 10 day trip to krabi... That's a large about of photos, I'm aware.. just feels stupid to be sitting on these a month after arriving home.. it was such a needed trip with lots of love and memories... really made me realise that sometimes I need to give more time of to myself.. happily I might have some sunny plans waiting for me in april...<3

Also, I'm having a closet clean-out and just listed loads of things & shoes in the shop

check it out HERE


Contrast ratio

photos by misha meghna

I met the lovely nadia for a little project we might have coming up..
when I got home I realised I lost that amazing fur scarf.. uuhhuu it was never found.

On voices, questions and answers

zara coat

photos by tasha

I wore my new zara shaggy fur together with the outfit from a few days back.. I wanted it for ages and came across one lonely one hanging on the rack in the sales! it whispered my name... or maybe that was just the oniomania noises in my head.. probably. Anyway for 39 pounds, quite a great buy right?

also... I get asked a couple of questions quite often, so I thought I'll answer them for you..

what camera do you use?
I use a canon 500D mostly with the standard 18-55 mm lens. In some of the photos from last fall (here, here and here) I used a 90-300 mm. I'm getting a canon 50 mm 1.8 lens tomorrow, for better portrait photos, as I'm always running low on the light, especially with inside shots..

where do you study?
I am on my second year on a fashion design and marketing degree at london college of fashion. The course mainly focuses on designing for specified retailers/markets, you get to do projects with design development & construction supported by marketing reports. If you are interested in studying something similar, I recommend taking a shorter course before so you get the idea what you are getting in to.. check more here

where are you from and what languages do you speak?
I am from finland and speak swedish and finnish, besides english of course. Swedish is my mother tongue as finland is bilingual. You are welcome to comment and contact me in any of these languages!

hope that helps a little to some of you.. over the weekend I will still tease you with one last thailand post.. have a great friday night everyone!