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6 inch monsters

Ahh my jeffrey campbell lanas arrived... I've taken them out for a test drive and now I am planning to wear them everywhere so the leather get's that cool worn look... they should be fine, I hear the can take a beating or two..

we arrived to stockholm this morning, the bf and I are driving down to london... we have about 2000 k to go and plans to briefly stop by copenhagen, amsterdam and antwerp! but before it all I want to buy peppermint candy at gränna, yeah!

laters x

Shopping in Essaouira

Finally some pics from the old town in essaouira, which was honestly hands down one of the best shopping experiences I've ever come across. It was amazing - every little shop was filled with treasure-like pieces.. packed with inspiring prints and designs. Shoes, bags, jewellery - all hand made, all so insanely gorgeous I ended up going back three times. Still stuck with a feeling I left half of it undiscovered... A few very good days


MTV/justlegs reminder

Last chance to take part in the 'MTV just legs' campaign! pics need to be up before may 1st for a chance to win a 1000 € shopping day and to become the new face of gillette..

upload outfit photos and vote for your favorites HERE

La medina


zara top and pants
aldo shoes
pamela love & fashionology rings
moroccan bag & jewellery
We made it home to finland yesterday afternoon, I spent the last day picking up some souveniers and last minute buys, feels good to be home for a while. I usually love a good price negotiation, but the hustle and constant haggling over every little buy, quickly gets a bit exhausting. I've bought enough stuff in my life to not be fooled by tourist prices or loud sales men, but ahh the glory of next time walking in to zara and quietly looking at the price tag and in piece deciding if I want to buy it or not.

wearing white on white again I know, but that just seems to be what I am in to now.. plus I'm thinking the jewellery overdose digs it. I still have a few morocco posts lined up before we go back to city life..


Stylestalker giveaway

Hi everyone.. time for a giveway! I am teaming up with stylestalker to giveaway this awesome venom snake print blouse, from the new collection.... just like the one I wore in my earlier post here!



Pamela love x topshop

images topshop

Have you already heard? Our favorite jewellery designer pamela love is collaborating with topshop!

The collection out online & in stores 19th may (US 26th) concists of 14 pieces and is said to be inspired by native america and images of 1970s’ Gypsy Rockers..

looks so cool! here are my favorites..


Jalla jalla

local jacket & bag and jewellery
zara dress and heels

Wearing a traditional moroccan woven coat, I think it's called 'jlaba'...? these are sold everywhere in different colors, I obvi had to have one... I don’t think they realize how cool these are around here. Feels a bit like I am wrapped in a door mat but when it comes to the print and color combo it’s perfect. Something more to ad to my carpet print collection.


Accessory finds so far

Yesterday morning we arrived to essaouira, a windy city I hear is known for the good surfing possibilities... anyone been? let me know if you have any good tips on what to do or visit..

I am just packing up in the new hotel and here are some of the new things so far... I had a really awesome leather jacket made and it turned out better than I could imagine! more on that later..


Ja kiitos kaikille gillette kisaan osallistuneille! Vielä ehtii mukaan, ja muistakaa käydä äänestämässä suosikkejanne osoitteessa

A day at the souk

Yesterday we went down to the local souk market... since I've been spending most of the time on the golf course and just been left with a few afternoon hours to stroll around the beach area, I haven't really had time to see the city. At the souk there wasn't as much for me to buy as I was hoped but it was good to see, very different though as most of the stuff sold was old used clothes, food and home supplies.. basically a lot of local living, and enough small alleyways to get lost in for hours..

I wore zara stuff and river island tassel top..