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The shield

mens all saints cardigan
topshop pants

photos by stefanie

I stumbled across this coat over at ebay fashion outlet a few weeks ago.. not sure if it was the fear of the cold weather I was about to travel back to that week, or because it was a ebay find, that made me click it home asap..

the fact that it was an ebay listing, my senses sent signals to my brain to automatically click on the 'buy it now' button, but my point here is that the glory of the outlet is that they have large stocks on most of the items.

A little bit of promotion is hopefully allowed, as I happen to be involved with the new launch of ebay fashion outlet! Remember this behind the scenes post? I actually saw the glossy printed look-book just a few days ago and dare I say that I am even on the cover? crazy cool, more on that later!


No tricks just treats + a giveaway

photos by stefanie

Hello there. Hope you had a nice halloween weekend!

as a little treat I decided to team up with online store bona drag, that I already introduced to you last week, with a extra special lingerie giveaway..

underneath the shakuhachi dress I'm hay barn picnicking in, I'm wearing a beautiful lace one piece by lonely.. bona drag want to know if anyone of you would like to win the same one in white, size S (details here)

ended, thank you for taking part!

Good luck!


 bec & bridge dress via christeric c
greenbelt countryear wax coat
topshop shoes

photos by stefanie

Last weekend, during my quick trip back home I could not pass on the opportunity to take some photos in the perfect fall weather! I wore a gorgeous dress from my friends new online store Christing c. that stocks some of my favorite brands, be sure to check it out..

I picked up the coat last weekend when I visited helsinki horse show, it's one of those traditional english wax coats that I will attempt to make suitable for the city. My mom thinks it's funny and I agree, we have been wearing these in the stable since I was a kid. But you know, horse coat spray for my hair and a traditional wax coat to keep my dry, you got to work with what you have.

I also got myself a cute dalmatian because the print is so hot right now!
joking of course it's my sisters overly dramatic dog who just loves the attention.


This is a public, birthday wish list for family and friends

Just a little innocent wish list for my birthday that is coming up (again) on saturday. So family and friends, if you are thinking about not really getting me anything because ''I live abroad'' or because you assume I ''already have everything'' think again, I am clearly lacking some of the following items...

1. Acne ombre jacket, simply gorgeous, no explanation needed
2. Kurt geiger heels, like jewellery for your feet, just landed on their website..
3. Ipad, I just really want one
4. Celine large boston tote, what a dream
5. Lumi bag, Finnish design and goes with everything
6. A Canon G12, although I really need everything on this list, this one is probably the reasonable one
7. Fashionology ring, beautiful accessory that would be perfect with black
8. Any book on fossils, totally intriguing
9. Alexander wang heels - simplified joy as the 'cape' can also be taken off
10. Sabre sunglasses - been on my wish list since summer, now that the season is over, it might be time
11. Karen millen satchel - just perfect to fit my camera
12. Simone rocha heels - a work of art, a solution to wearing flats without them actually being flats
13. Mawi bracelet - spikes and jems? yes please
14. Acne brogues - growing on me... also love them in black
15. Aldo heels - how great is the low cut?
16. Margiela rings - beautiful idea, even more beautiful in that bronze colour

ps. for the ones this is aimed at, you should take me bloody seriously! for the ones that it's not, totally do not.

pps. for the men in my life, I made it in to a sudoku so you could enjoy it just a tinsy bit more <3


Bon Bon

bruno pieters x weekday jacket

photos by stefanie

Say hi to Bon Bon.. she's been my baby for my entire childhood and I can not believe she hasn't appeared the blog until now!!

when I was 10 my dad made the mistake of jokingly promising me a puppy if I had the cash for one.  So started a year of selling, saving and begging until I finally had enough money for my own little cockerspaniel... I only get to see Bon Bon when I visit finland, so sadly not very often. I couldn't resist including her in the photos, especially in her overgrown messy hair-do, we totally match!

I wore a silk dress is by shakuhachi from the fantastic Bona Drag, who never fails to impress me with their amazing choice of collections.

ps. Bona Drag has been kind enough to offer you all 25 % off the ENTIRE SITE on until wednesday morning! Just enter the code 'Hallowaukee' at checkout.


Black and blue

h&m turtleneck
cos sweather
h&m hairring
zara vest
topshop pants
zara tote
topshop shoes

pics by tasha

Hi there, apologies for the blog break. Truth is I have not opened my computer all weekend, and it has been amazing. Did a quick trip back home to finland in the name of project research, also took myself a few spare moments to take pictures in the beautiful fall surroundings. These though are from last week or so, I love wearing a turtleneck under my shirts and knits, it's kinda à la celine.. or more like à la anyone who grew up in finland.

But fear not, I am back to my routine again


Favorites from nowhere

primark knit
jimmy choo shoes

photos by tasha

Got dressed in my new nowhere pants today.. they are on the perfect edge of being sweatpants but structured enough to be taken seriously, if that makes sense. The sleeveless coat thing is also from the same collection, I was on the fence of ordering it, but it might actually be the best piece. Nice when online orders work out that way sometimes.


Your words humble me

weekday coat
cos knit
ann demeulemeester boots

First of all thank you, every single one of you for the comments, tweets and messages regarding the news on my Nelly collection! you are so incredibly kind and encouraging, I can't believe how lucky I am to have you all support me!

Yesss ok so back to outfit posting! the other day the weather allowed me I got to take out my triple laced ann demeulemeester boots that I found second hand in paris last february, lucky me. What a crime that they have only been on the blog once before, (here) but they are a classic, so it's all good, I have time.

the bag has been serving it's duty really well, I aboslutley adore it. Paired with a coat like this, I almost look grown up.


I'm designing a collection for!

Yess it's official! I will be the next guest designer for!!

this is so so exciting and I am happy to take on the challenge! I have been given somewhat free hands to design my dream collection, that will be out next spring. The whole collection will be available worldwide!

I am the first Finnish guest designer to be given the opportunity.... so no pressure there then?! ehrm. I will do my best and it will be good, I promise. I owe it all to you my amazing readers, you inspire me every single day.

in the mean time shop the amazing nowhere collection and more over at


Styling with

Last sunday I flew over to Borås in sweden, to get together with a few fellow bloggers to style the Xmas lookbook for! while I was doing my best to represent Finland, we spent the day in a huge closet and got to and try on the new collection, both Nelly's own and all the great brands they sell like Rodebjer, Jeffery Campbell, Diesel, Whyred..

First we got to pick our outfits, above Trine from Denmark who I already knew from the MTV campain from last spring, wearing those amazing Jeffrey Campbell shoes! I chose a beautiful Buddha to buddha bracelet.

me, Yara and Frida getting our hair done... suprise suprise I wanted a side braid. I think I've only met Yara once before but she is so kind and easy to get along with.

Swedens Frida Fahrman getting ready. I loved meeting her, especially loved our chatty taxi ride to the airport.

Nike - one of the girls from the German team, having a hard time deciding on the shoes... can't blame her though.

Blogging in between shooting. I felt guilty for not doing it....

Then to the styling.. we did two looks, this was one of mine. I loved the idea of wearing a chocker necklace under the collar, you can get the silver and gold here

model wearing a beautiful ida sjöstedt cardi (coming soon), vila shorts and nelly gold choker. I wore a diesel dress, gestuz jacket, nelly necklace and guess boots, all from

Later we went to the Nelly HQ, where we also got to see Elin Kling's Nowhere collection, that is being sold at Nelly. I admit to be a fan of every piece, so you know what I am going to be wearing this winter, starting from this week!

Thanks to all the girls and especially to the Nelly team for such a well organised day x

I also have some veeeerrrrrryyyy exciting news to tell you! as there was also another reason why I flew to sweden.... I promise I'm not trying to be all annoying by making you wait until tomorrow but it's news that deserves more than a little side mention, and I am falling a sleep on my keyboard right now. So more tomorrow.. (hint: it's probably what you think it is, YEAH)

Silver aztec favorites

I should not play favorites with my much loved jewellery collection, but these are the ones I tend to wear all the time as they go with absolutely everything I own.

ps. all of them affordable, pick your favorite from below

from left fashinology, moroccan finds, regal rose in the middle, vanessa mooney and forever 21

Peppermint cappuccino

zara knit
gina tricot jeans
zara tote

Keeping it casual while running out for a peppermint soy cappuccino to kick off the morning.

Sporting the quilted coat

 zara coat
zara shirt
random cap

It's been a while since a proper outfit post, so here we go. Yesterday I wore this winter parka that was a bit too hot, but better this way then the other. Also can't even remember the last time I wore a quilted coat! Most tend to be somewhat of a belted shape so the poncho approach was interesting enough to win me over.

these boots are super cool... would it surprise if I told you I got them in two colours? probably not. Then just a little note on the bracelets, which I found here. I often feel like either wearing a huge pile of accessories or none, so these being somewhat in between is nothing short from perfect for my current jewellery mood.


Rewind and play

My hilare new iphone case, speaking in to a old cassette causes a lot of confusion but best of all, laughs.

Get it here or over at urban outfitters.. my shirt is zara, cap vtg, watch alpha saphir and bracelet kurt geiger.


Like the boys

Just arrived back home from sweden.. I spent the a day styling the xmas lookbook for with some fellow bloggers, but more on that later!

These are some shots I took during LFW, I am really in to masculine dressing, even if it's often just a touch. I have to admit I've been a bit lost when it comes to being inspired.. not just with dressing but over all. But getting lost in to the world of good magazines, especially men's fashion magazines, has really helped. Spending so much time online, I've underestimated the power of print media.